Wedding FAQ's

Q:  What is the best way to get started with my wedding flowers?

A:  Make sure you have your venue and date lined up first. The venue plays a strong part in the feel of your wedding.  The date is something I need to ensure I'm available.  We only do 1 wedding per day to ensure our full attention.

Next step, contact me ( and share your Pinterest board(s) or any inspiration photos.  I'll ask you a bunch of questions to learn more about your vision.

 Q:  Can I do everything over email?

A:  I prefer to meet you in person, since I find it easier to learn about each other and ensure we are on the same page in terms of colors. (Note colors can look different on my screen vs. yours.) However, I realize its not always possible.  A phone call is ideal, but email does work. 

Q:  How am I sure I'll get the look I want and everything I need?

A:  After our conversation/emails, I'll provide an approximate cost for the items you requested.  If you would like to move forward, I'll provide an itemized proposal including inspiration photos and descriptions of each item. We will work together to refine the proposal and when you are happy, be both sign.  If any updates are needed throughout the planning process, I will update that document and share with you, so we are always on the same page.

2-3 weeks prior to your wedding, we'll touch base to confirm table counts, etc. and see if you need anything else.

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Sending Flowers FAQs

Q:  Can you do same day deliveries?

A:  Usually yes, if we get the order in the morning and when using flowers we have in stock.  Special requests require 1-2 business days to get in those special flowers.

Q:  Why do you ask for the recipient's phone number?

A:  We prefer to deliver when we know someone will be home to take it inside.  Even nice days can take an unexpected turn.  We don't want a pop-up thunderstorm to knock over your flowers.

Q:  Are you affiliated with Teleflora, FTD, or any other wire service?

A:  No, we find that we have more flexibility and artistry when we can use our freshest seasonal flowers and one-of-a-kind vases. Here's a secret too:  you'll actually get more flowers for your money by directly calling your local florist vs. going through a wire service.

Q:  Can I call you to send flowers to someone across the country?

A:  Yes! Call me at 610-608-6833 I will search for a florist in that area with a similar style. 


Q:  When will I get my photo of the flowers I sent?

A:  I will send your photo with the receipt. Note that I don't charge your card and send a receipt until after your flowers are successfully delivered. On busy times, it may be 1-2 days after delivery, but rest assured, your flowers were delivered on the correct day.