About Froggy's Garden

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The right flowers make all the difference. 

When sending flowers you want to convey a certain message - I'm here for you; I'm thinking of you; I love you; let's celebrate! Certain colors and flowers convey different messages. With your help we'll decide what colors to use and then create a custom floral arrangement in a one-of-a-kind container.

Flowers also help tell your and your fiance's story at your wedding.  Romantic, secret garden, rustic, timeless, formal, quirky, all bring to mind different colors, flowers and designs we can use to create that feeling.  After a consultation where we can learn more about the two of you, Froggy's Garden will create a detailed visual proposal that paints the vision of your wedding. When you book, you are our only priority for that day so that we can focus on delivering and installing those perfect floral details.

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Wedding flowers

I can't wait to show you your flowers! 


Whether its for an everyday order (with your receipt, you'll receive a photo of the flowers you sent) - or when we arrive at the venue with your wedding flowers. We are always trying to find the most unique flowers, foliage, and textures to add to your arrangements so that you and your guests are wowed.  We have many sources (including local flower farmers) who love finding or growing those new special blooms.